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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

2006 Cool Moments

I’ve always felt Drum Corp is about creating moments that fans will remember, and while they are not the full story they at times are reminisced on like great plays in sports.
There are also the “very cool” moments that this fan takes away from the shows I see.
10 of my very cool Drum Corp moments for 2006 are as follows

Phantom Regiment extended chord at the end of Ave Maria. Gave me chills!!

The Cavalier trumpets getting stuck in a 2 note loop with their horns going back and forth till a guard member whacks them back into the show. Outrageous!!!

Bluecoats “corp wide” breathing between songs. Very cool. Great show

Carolina Crowns company front moving across the field dropping members off along the way with the guard dispersed and spinning those great flags. Great visual.

Blue Devils crucifix moving across the field to the Godfather main theme.

Blues Devils drum line anytime they are on the field.

Santa Clara Vanguard “Mr. Moto” and his exit with the cymbal line

Glassmen “Beethoven goes deaf” with the pit whistle and the great guard toss.

Boston Crusaders “Conquest” theme hidden in the music throughout the end of the show and at the end of the great drum solo.

Cadets bass drum feature while standing on the platform. Very Cool !!


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